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I am passionate about empowering clients to develop or strengthen their own sense of agency in the world, so that they feel in control. In order to do this, I work collaboratively with clients rather than acting as an expert. I walk alongside my clients in their therapeutic journey, rather than taking the lead and instructing which can at times feel disempowering. Whilst I use my knowledge and expertise to help clients consider new ways of viewing the world and offer guidance on ways they may consider changing their behaviours to better suit their needs, I do not act as an "expert" as I believe each person knows themselves best.  

I view people as inherently good and believe that everyone is striving to be happy. I feel that in life we are often forced to make choices and act in certain ways that may be at odds with our genuine self, however these behaviours are crucial for survival at the time. Unfortunately, sometimes these behaviours become habitual and cause more harm than good. It is often at this time that therapy is sought. I work to help clients become aware of unhelpful behaviours they may be engaging in, and consider together how they might work to change them. In the process, we may uncover why the unhelpful behaviours originally developed, however this is not always possible or necessary for meaningful change to occur. 

I offer both short and long term therapy, depending on the clients needs. This is discussed following the assessment, and the clients needs are regularly reviewed during treatment to consider whether the length of time is still appropriate. Whilst I offer individual therapy, I also believe that support from friends and family can be instrumental to recovery and so will always be supportive of including others in sessions where it feels that this will be clinically beneficial. This will always be done with the clients consent. 

How I Work: About Therapy
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